World of Warcraft action toys

A few months ago one girl wrote to me and asked about World of Warcraft toys. After this I started doing the most difficult and interesting toys for me. This issue really hits home with me, and I feel like I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I need to get off my chest. And also I’m WoW fan 😊.

So, it was really long process. I was thinking a lot about every detail. And tried to make similar characters.

I crocheted Illidan Stormrage, Sylvanas Windrunner and Vol’jin.

They have wire inside his arms and legs. So you can bend his body as you want. Also I used felt, beads, wire, polymer clay and fiberfill.
Height: 8.6” (22 cm).

So, if you are WoW fan it’ll be a nice gift to you. And just ask me about another characters.

Due to the summer sale all of this toys now 15% off.

For more photos visit Sylvanas, Vol’jin, Illidan.


Luke Skywalker amigurumi

Yep, Luke is my last Star Wars amigurumi. I did it after Star Wars The Last Jedi. I tried to make him look like Mark Hamill. And it was the first time when I made the beard ( thinking about tutorial of how to do it). Especially I love his cloak. And the hood can be removed.

Once I posted it on Twitter and next morning I saw that Mark Hamill liked it. I was smiling all day and was crazy. I was literally doing cartwheels.🤩

So, let’s look at it.


As other my toys it’s made from 55% cotton / 45% acrylic yarn, filled by toy filling. Fiberfill is hypoallergenic.
Height: 4.7″ (12 cm).

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Summer Sale

Summer Sale is on!🤩

10% – 15% on all toys.

Didn’t find the doll you were looking for? Just send me a message and I will try to make it happen.

Don’t delay… The sale ends June 11th!

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GoT CAL: House Stark

must have

Rally the realm…

The Game of Thrones CAL is finally here! And I can think of no better place to start than with House Stark.

My husband identifies most with the Starks. They are (for the most part) a noble, loyal, ethics- and honor-bound house with a long lineage. And whether or not we like the Stark’s house words (Winter is Coming!), sooner or later they’re always right!

I am still working on my own Stark banner, but here’s a pic for inspiration:

Making progress!

You can download the PDF House Stark graphs here.

This PDF contains the graphs for the 50×75 banner AND the 50×50 house sigil and house words squares. The banner is spread out onto two pages (you can print, trim, and tape them together to view the whole graph), while the squares are on one page each.

EDIT: We have some lovely crafters who have offered up…

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Halloween projects

It’s only September but I’m getting ready for Halloween.

Do you feel Halloween Spirit? 🎃

All this year I was thinking about toys with head like a pumpkin and I did it. It’s Mr Pumpkin and Angry Pumpkin girl 🙂

These Pumpkins will be good decoration for your Halloween. It’s designed by me and made from 55%cotton/45% acrylic yarn, filled by toy filling. Fiberfill is hypoallergenic.
Angry Pumpkin girl Size: height – 5,1 inches (13 cm).
She has green dress with embroidered spiders and bats 😉

Mr. Pumpkin has wire in his body. That’s mean that you can bend arms, legs and body as you want.
Size: height – 10,24 inches (26 cm)
Also it has a lantern that you can remove.

And also I have bats 😀

Made for Halloween, it will be a lovely decoration or you can hung it to your keyring.
Give an original gift or keep it to yourself!
Height: 2.7″ (7 cm).
Weight: 3.9″ (10 cm).

So, you’re welcome Halloween toys

Amigurumi became a hobby

When my daughter was born, I started thinking about crocheting. I’m one of this people who always need to do something, like crocheting, drawing, embroidering or beading.

So, I put my brushes and paints aside and took the hook and yarn. It was the time when Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens came out on the screens. Then I noticed that there is no amigurumi Kylo Ren. And decided to fix it.

And that’s how I started my own Star Wars collection.

It was almost two years ago. And during this time, the Master Yoda, Darth Vader and Ray with BB-8 were added to my collection.

And of course, if you are interested in my toys you’re welcome to VictoriaYevl etsy shop

Sincerely, Victoria Yevl.